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Dental Implants

Dr. Barabe restores smiles with pain free dentistry that offer beautiful results. David Barabe is also an emergency dentist so don’t hesitate to call anytime.

Cosmetic procedures

You can achieve a great smile with very little interference to your daily life. We offer whitening, bridges, crowns, extractions, veneers, dentures, and much more!

Invisalign Clear Braces

David J. Barabe is proud to be an authorized Invisalign. Invisalign® softly straightens your teeth using a custom aligners created for you and only you.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Barabe provides personalized general dental care for the entire family. He has over 35 years experience serving patients from all over the Triad.

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Dr. David Barabe, DDS

After 38 years of being a dentist, Dr. Barabe knows the real reason why he still loves being a dentist. “When the last patient leaves each day, I know that my staff and I have provided a friendly, relationship-oriented atmosphere for our patients’ dental care needs.

Dr. Amy Li, DMD


Jennifer Walkup

Treatment Coordinator/ Certified Dental Assistant
Dr Barabe is wonderful dentist who really cares about his patients. Working here feels like my second family and I hope our patients feel the same way.

Ebony Garner

Registered Dental Hygienist
My favorite thing about our office is the smiling faces of fellow staff and how special our patients are to us.

Kelci Lewis

Dental Assistant II
Dr Barabe is a great dentist and employer and I love our team here at the office. We all work well together and seem to be more like a family than co-workers. We strive to give our patients the best care possible. Our patients are very special to us.

Linlee Butterworth

Registered Dental Hygienist
Dr. Barabe and his staff are wonderful to work with and I love meeting all the new patients.

Pam Hyatt

Dental Assistant II
Dr. Barabe is great dentist and cares deeply for his patients. My co-workers are wonderful and I enjoy working with them.

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